The List of All Seminars

Date Speaker Title Co-organizers
29 November 2018 Prof. Matthew Shum, California Institute of Technology Inaugural Seminar: Split-Second Decision-Making in the Field: Response Times in Mobile Advertising N/A
21 December 2018 Prof Andrew Ching, Johns Hopkins University The Zero-Price Effect Using Field Data: An Application to the Market for Generic Pharmaceuticals N/A
29 January 2019 Dr. Steven Pai XU, University of Hong Kong What Can We Learn from Online Reviews? N/A
21 February 2019 Prof. Yizhen GU, Jinan University Subways and Road Congestion N/A
20 March 2019 Dr. Yasutora WATANABE, Amazon Japan Designing Context-Based Marketing N/A
2 April 2019 Dr. Mandy Mantian HU, The Chinese University of Hong Kong Search and Learning at a Daily Deals Website N/A
18 June 2019 Dr. Lei XU, Bank of Canada Technology Adoption in the Python Network N/A
2 July 2019 Ms. Ivy DANG, The Chinese University of Hong Kong Preference for Privacy in Internet Lending N/A
30 July 2019 Prof. Bei QIN, University of Hong Kong Social Media, Information Networks, and Protests in China N/A
15 April 2020 Prof. Chien-Chiang WANG, National Taiwan University Cryptocurrency, Imperfect Information, and Fraud NTU
26 May 2020 Prof. Linda SCHILLING, Ecole Polytechique Cryptocurrency, Currency Competition, and the Impossibility Trinity NTU
2 June 2020 Prof. Daniel CHEN, Toulouse School of Economics Stereotypes in High-Stakes Decisions: Evidence from U.S. Circuit Courts NTU and RUC
9 June 2020 Prof. Jacques CREMER, Toulouse School of Economics Migration between Platforms NTU and RUC
30 June 2020 Prof. Alexandre DE CORNIERE, Toulouse School of Economics Data and Competition: A General Framework with Applications to Mergers, Market Structure, and Privacy Policy NTU and RUC
3 July 2020 Dr. Yu ZHU, Bank of Canada Bank Market Power and Central Bank Digital Currency: Theory and Quantitative Assessment NTU and RUC
10 July 2020 Prof. Jiasun LI, George Mason University Bitcoin Wash Trading NTU and RUC
14 July 2020 Prof. Ariel ZETLIN-JONES, Carnegie Mellon University Getting Blockchain Incentives Right NTU and RUC
17 July 2020 Prof. Jacob LESHNO, University of Chicago An Economic Analysis of the Bitcoin Payment System NTU and RUC
24 July 2020 Prof. Rodney GARRATT, University of California, Santa Barbara Why Fixed Costs Matter for Proof-of-Work Based Cryptocurrencies NTU and RUC
28 July 2020 Prof. Itay FAINMESSER, John Hopkins University Digital Privacy NTU and RUC
29 July 2020 Dr. Shota ICHIHASHI, Bank of Canada Dynamic Privacy Choices NTU and RUC
6 August 2020 Dr. Nicole IMMORLICA, Microsoft Incentivizing Exploration with Selective Data Disclosure NTU and RUC
11 August 2020 Prof. Harald UHLIG, University of Chicago Central Bank Digital Currency: when Price and Bank Stability Collide NTU and RUC
12 August 2020 Prof. David YANG, Harvard University Data-intensive Innovation and the State: Evidence from AI Firms in China CEIBS, NTU, and NUS
15 September 2020 Prof. Ye LI, The Ohio State University Token-Based Platform Finance Monash, NTU, and RUC
24 September 2020 Dr. Michael SCHWARZ, Microsoft Efficient Capacity Provisioning for Firms with Multiple Locations: The Case of Public Cloud Monash, NTU, and RUC
15 October 2020 Prof. Neil GANDAL, Tel Aviv University An Examination of the Cryptocurrency Pump and Dump Ecosystem Monash, NTU, and RUC
16 October 2020 Prof. Shunya NODA, University of British Columbia An Economic Analysis of Difficulty Adjustment Algorithms in Proof-of-Work Blockchain Systems Monash, NTU, and RUC
29 October 2020 Prof. Julian WRIGHT, National University of Singapore Data-Enabled Learning and Competitive Advantage Monash, NTU, and RUC
6 November 2020 Prof. Michael CHOI, University of California, Irvine (Discussant: Dr. Fei ZHOU) Money Mining and Price Dynamics Monash, NTU, and RUC
11 November 2020 Prof. Alessandro BONATTI, Massachusetts Institute of Technology The Economics of Social Data Monash, NTU, and RUC
3 December 2020 Prof. Andrew RHODES, Toulouse School of Economics (Discussant: Dr. Tat-How THE) Platform Design when Sellers Use Pricing Algorithms Monash, NTU, and RUC
10 December 2020 Dr. Tat-How THE, National University of Singapore (Discussant: Prof. Tianle ZHANG) Platform Governance Monash, NTU, and RUC
20 January 2021 Miss Zhengyun SUN, Harvard University Lifting Growth Barriers for New Firms: Evidence from an Entrepreneurship Training Experiment with Two Million Online Businesses /
23 January 2021 Mr. Zichao YANG, Virgina Tech Do Connections Pay Off in the Bitcoin Market /
25 January 2021 Mr. Zijian WANG, University of Western Ontario Tax Compliance, Payment Choice, and Central Bank Digital Currency /
28 January 2021 Prof. Matteo BENETTON, University of California, Berkeley Investors’ Beliefs and Asset Prices: A Structural Model of Cryptocurrency Demand Monash, NTU, and RUC
10 February 2021 Prof. Todd KEISTER, Rutgers University Should Central Banks Issue Digital Currency? Monash, NTU, and RUC
4 March 2021 Prof. Robin LEE, Harvard University (Discussant: Dr. Issac SWIFT) A Theory of Stock Exchange Competition and Innovation: Will the Market Fix the Market? Monash, NTU, and RUC
Prof. Evgeny LYANDRES,Tel Aviv University Competition and Product Quality: Fake Trading on Crypto Exchanges Monash, NTU, and RUC
25 March 2021 Prof. Christine PARLOUR, University of California, Berkeley Decentralized Exchanges Monash, NTU, and RUC
1 April 2021 Dr. Ravi JAGADEESAN, Stanford University Market Design for a Blockchain-Based Financial System Monash, NTU, and RUC
15 April 2021 Prof. Dirk NIEPELT, University of Bern Monetary Policy with Reserves and CBDC: Optimality, Equivalence, and Politics Monash, NTU, RUC, Sinica, and Yonsei
22 April 2021 Prof. David SKEIE, University of Warwick Digital Currency Runs Monash, NTU, and RUC
29 April 2021 Prof. Jiri CHOD, Boston College Platform Tokenization: Financing, Governance, and Moral Hazard Monash, NTU, and RUC
3 May 2021 Prof. Heng CHEN, University of Hong Kong Do Media Bow to Foreign Economic Powers? Evidence from News Websites Crackdown /
20 May 2021 Prof. Leonid KOGAN, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Economics of Proof-of-Stake Payment Systems Monash, NTU, and RUC
27 May 2021 Prof. Yasutora WATANABE, University of Tokyo AI, Skill, and Productivity: The Case of Taxi Drivers Monash, NTU, and RUC
10 June 2021 Prof. Andrea CANIDIO, IMT School of Advanced Studies Lucca Cryptotokens and Cryptocurrencies: the Extensive Margin Monash, NTU, and RUC
24 June 2021 Prof. Michael LUCA, Harvard University Designing Online Reputation Systems Monash, NTU, and RUC
8 July 2021 Prof. Katya MALINOVA, McMaster University Tokenomics: When Tokens Beat Equity Monash, NTU, and RUC
21 July 2021 Prof. Sergei GURIEV, Sciences Po 3G Internet and Confidence in Government CEIBS, NTU, and NUS
1 September 2021 Prof. Jennifer PAN, Stanford University Re-framing China: The Counter-Narrative Strategies of Chinese State Media on Twitter CEIBS, NTU, and NUS
2 September 2021 Prof. Maarten VAN OORDT, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam Best Before? Expiring CBDC and Loss Recovery Monash, NTU, NYU Shanghai, RUC, Sinica, and Yonsei
9 September 2021 Prof. Tony KE, Chinese University of Hong Kong Information Design of Online Platforms Monash, NTU, and RUC
9 September 2021 Prof. Julien PRAT, CREST and Ecole Polytechnique Fundamental Pricing of Utility Tokens Monash, NTU, and RUC
23 September 2021 Prof. Boris VALLÉE, Harvard University FinTech Lending and Cashless Payments Monash, NTU, and RUC
15 October 2021 Dr. Simon MAYER, University of Chicago Token-Based Platforms and Speculators Monash, NTU, and RUC
21 October 2021 Prof. Thomas RIVERA, McGill University (Discussant: Chien-Chiang WANG) Economic Implications of Scaling Blockchains: Why the Consensus Protocol Matters Monash, NTU, and RUC
22 October 2021 Prof. Martin SCHNEIDER, Stanford University Credit Lines, Bank Deposits or CBDC? Competition & Efficiency in Modern Payment Systems Monash, NTU, NYU Shanghai, RUC, Sinica, and Yonsei
28 October 2021 Prof. Nicola PAVANINI, Tilburg University The Value of “New” and “Old” Intermediation in Online Debt Crowdfunding Monash, NTU, and RUC
4 November 2021 Prof. Michael OSTROVSKY, Stanford University Choice Screen Auctions Monash, NTU, and RUC
11 November 2021 Dr. Jon FROST, Bank for International Settlements Rise of the Central Bank Digital Currencies: Drivers, Approaches and Technologies Monash, NTU, NYU Shanghai, RUC, Sinica, and Yonsei
10 February 2022 Dr. Michael Junho LEE, Federal Reserve Bank of New York TBC Monash, NTU, and RUC
17 February 2022 Prof. Laura VELDKAMP, Columbia University TBC Monash, NTU, Sinica, RUC, and Yonsei
10 March 2022 Dr. Simon MAYER, University of Chicago Money Creation in Decentralized Finance: A Dynamic Model of Stablecoin and Crypto Shadow Banking Monash, NTU, and RUC
7 April 2022 Dr. Maximilian GUENNEWIG, University of Bonn Money Talks: Information and Seignorage Monash, NTU, NYU-Shanghai, Sinica, and Yonsei
30 June 2022 Prof. Hans GERSBACH, ETH Zurich Monetary Policy with a Central Bank Digital Currency: The Short and the Long Term Monash, NTU, NYU-Shanghai, Sinica, and Yonsei
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