Net Departure Through Airport in HK on Path of Surpassing the Record High

Sources: The Civil Aviation Department
Note: Data compiled yearly, by averaging monthly numbers from July of the year before the labeled year to June of the labeled year.

This line graph demonstrates the monthly number of people leaving Hong Kong through airways from 1999 to 2022. When comparing the compiled data, 2022 almost hits the record high with a monthly average of 28,129 people flying out of the city.

From 1999 to 2008, the records show that the arrivals surpassed the departures. From 2008 onwards, there was a steady rise in net exits till 2016, which reached a peak with 28,138 people departing Hong Kong in monthly average. Although the number of departures dropped sharply after 2016, it soared again in 2019, which may attribute to the strict border controls of the Hong Kong government under pandemic and socio-political environment.

By Chi Shuk Lam (Class of 2020)

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